Veal Entrees

08 March, 2016

On The Menu

Veal Entrees

Whether you’re dreaming of an Italian-themed feast or looking for dishes to showcase at your next family outing, we’ve got fresh authentic Italian Veal Cutlets that suits all tastes.
Need more dishes to round out your Italian extravaganza? Try our popular Italian entrees and Bring-Your-Own Wine for an absolute savory affair.

Our Delicious Veal Entrees:

  • Veal Piccata | $12.95
  • Veal Saltinbocca | $13.50
  • Veal Marsala | $12.95
  • Veal Murphy | 12.95
  • Veal Diane | $12.95
  • Veal Giusseppe | $12.95
  • Veal Parmigiana | $12.95


Veal Parmigiana is one of our favorite dishes



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